Aeroplane Fabrics

Plain weave cloths, used for making wings of aeroplanes. The cloth must be well woven, and practically without faults. The widths vary from 36-in. to 56-in., and up to 160-ends X 160 picks per inch. A standard cotton fabric is woven 84 X 84 threads per inch of 2/80's warp and weft mercerised yam. A fair quantity has been woven 90/2 reed, 100 picks, from 3/120's warp and weft Sea Islands cotton. Linen yarns made from the best quality of flax have been used in great quantities for the manufacture of these fabrics. Often these cloths are boiled after being woven, which process removes impurities not required and give greater strength with a minimum weight. Finished cloths are afterwards put through a process known as "doping". These linens have a breaking strength very high in both warp and weft in 100's warp, 110's weft boiled yarns.

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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